Our address: 5417 Bandera Rd., Suite 603, San Antonio, TX 78238

We are located on 410 and Bandera in the plaza behind HEB. Our neighbors include Helium Express, Airsoft Revolution 15, Overtime Theatre, and Go Puff...just to name a few.

It's simple. Select "Class Schedule" on the HOME page.

Choose your day, time, and class. Click 'BOOK NOW!' If you don't have an account, please create one. Once created, continue to checkout to complete your class reservation. When done correctly, you should receive a booking confirmation email (aside from a sales receipt) with the details of your reservation and special instructions needed for that class.

We recommend downloading our app on Apple Store/Play Store. Look up "North Pole Dance Studio." Once you log into your app, you will see your scheduled class by clicking the "My Schedule" tab at the bottom. If you do not see your reservation in "My Schedule", then your enrollment didn't go through. Please text the office at 210-454-8558 for assistance.

Enter the studio and remove your shoes please, check the white board for classroom placement, place your belongings in the cubby located in your classroom, and select an open pole. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class. If you arrive late, enter quietly and check in with the instructor to avoid being marked a NO SHOW. 

Arrival procedures are also located in your class reminder email notification in case you need to reference it.

Proper attire for non-pole class are comfortable athletic wear such as leggings/shorts, sports bra, tank top/t-shirt.

Proper attire for pole class and open pole are fitted shorts/pole shorts, sports bra, tank top/t-shirt.

No see-through material exposing undergarments is allowed.

No undergarments allowed to be used as workout attire.

Undergarments must be worn underneath your shorts.

No pasties and thongs/G-strings as pole wear. Absolutely no nudity!

When selecting your pole shorts, check and make sure your private areas are not exposed during movement. Any shorts that exposes your private parts are not allowed.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced pole classes are taught barefoot. No heels necessary.

Bring a small towel and rubbing alcohol spray to help with your pole grip.​ If you forget, we sell a beginner kit at the studio for $5.

DO NOT USE lotions & body oils before your class.​

For other dance classes: Knee pads are recommended for HEELS, heelsFIT, choreoPOLE, exoticPOLE, and exoticPOLE: basics.

Heels are optional. Platform shoes are good for exoticPOLE (i.e., Hella Heels, Pleasers). Regular heels with ankle support are best for HEELS (i.e., Burju Shoes).

We are an inclusive studio. Anyone 16 years and older may attend classes. If you are a minor, you must submit a completed Parental/Legal Guardian Consent Form with signed Liability Waiver before attending class. Forms can be found by selecting the menu button at the top of the page and selecting "Forms for Minors."

400 lb. weight limit per pole

No. We don't allow anyone who isn't enrolled in the class to be in the studio. We don't have a waiting room at the studio.

Yes! Anyone who purchased "unlimited" is subject to a $15 fee per class for late cancel/no show, whether it's the trial pass or a membership.

If you are using a class pack or single session, you forfeit your pass in exchange for a late cancel/no show fee.

All sales are final. We do not issue refunds or give studio credit if you missed your class/workshop.

Do I have to get a membership to attend classes? NO. We have multiple pricing options available if you don't want to commit to a membership. Check out our Prices & Promos page.

Do I have to sign a contract agreement with the studio to purchase a membership? YES. The membership requires a contract agreement with the studio to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your membership. Please read the entire contract before making a purchase. We hold members accountable to the agreement.

You must request a membership cancellation through email at

We do not prorate. Please email your request 7 business days BEFORE your billing date so we can expire your membership. If you cancel after your auto payment has processed, your membership will expire at the end of that paid month. No refunds will be issued.